Our Story

The annual How Women Work Conference was initiated 2009 by Carolin Zeitler, founder and CEO of Tataowar Coaching & Consulting, coach and social entrepreneur.



“It all began when I first came to Qatar in 2007, as there was no platform available for women with aspirations and ambitions to inspire and support each other. So I found a few like-minded women and founded a group with them called ‘These Ladies Mean Business’. One evening we were sitting together, swapping life stories,” Carolin remembers. “There was a good mix of us there, all different nationalities, all different ages and professional backgrounds – and we really connected that evening, we could all identify with each other’s story, the differences seemed irrelevant, we could completely understand where everyone was coming from, what their story was. We could help each other, give feedback, share best practices and experiences, swap contacts. By discussing business ideas and incidents and getting feedback on presentations from each other, we could grow professionally.”



That is where the idea originated. Why not make this sense of belonging and community available to a broader audience, tell the women out there ‘You are not alone’? That’s one of the wonderful things about being a woman after all, most of us find comfort and confidence in sharing, it helps us see our issues from various perspectives and find a solution.
Hence, How Women Work was born. Its first conference on 22 April 2010 was subtitled “A Conference on Women’s Leadership and Career Development”. It was presented by Arcata (Carolin’s first coaching business), powered by Woman Today and under the patronage of the Qatari Business Women Forum.
Our speakers and workshop providers came – and still come – from a range of fields and backgrounds; seasoned and experienced, fresh and innovative, all experts in the realm of success; whether it be personal, professional, organisational or entrepreneurial success.

More About How Women Work

The HWW Community was founded in 2009 with the aim of empowering women to grow and succeed; reaching hearts and minds, breaking down barriers and promoting understanding across cultures and genders. It brings women with aspirations and ambitions together to share knowledge, ideas, and ambitions, enabling them to find sustainable ways to success.
HWW is presented by Tataowar Coaching & Consulting. In everything we do at Tataowar we believe that meaningful, sustainable growth fulfills the true needs of the individual and the greater good.
The HWW community includes leaders, employees, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, graduates and students, as well as women who want to re-enter the workforce. The group welcomes any woman with aspirations and ambitions.
One of the group’s first initiatives was to set up an annual conference devoted to the development of professional women in Qatar. The inaugural conference, entitled “A Conference on Women’s Leadership and Career Development”, was held on 22 April 2010.
It saw an enthusiastic response, with over 100 delegates from more than 30 nationalities attending two keynote speeches and participating in 15 workshops and panel discussions.
From there on the conference grew consistently. The fifth anniversary conference, on 5 & 6 March 2014, saw enthusiastic participation from over 300 women and one third Qatari participation, as well as 60+ speakers to deliver a wide variety of workshops, panels and forums. The upcoming sixth anniversary conference is scheduled for 10 & 11 March 2014 with the theme “Be the Change”.
While the annual conference remains the flagship event, How Women Work has now grown into a community that is active all year round with several event series, like ‘How Women FIND Work’ and ‘How Women Thrive Amongst Men’, as well as a monthly workshop series ‘Equipped To Succeed’, the Mastermind and Soul Sisters groups and the CSR book project ‘How Women Succeed’.