Happy New You!

Happy New Year to you all! Whether you celebrated Christmas or not, I hope you are feeling merry and full of good cheer. At this time of year it may seem like you are being bombarded by the ‘new year, new you’ message from every angle and it can feel a little overwhelming. However, whilst personal change is possible at any time, the ceremonial closing of one year and the beginning of the next really is an excellent opportunity to spark your creativity and get re-inspired. With only three months until the How Women Work Conference, it is time for us at HWW to shift up a gear: why not join us?

Starting fresh in 2015 doesn’t have to mean making any massive promises straight away; in my experience those huge New Year’s resolutions tend to lose steam quite quickly. Instead, perhaps try breaking it down a little. First, define what your final big goal is in a very clear way, including by when you realistically want to have achieved it. Then, split that goal into regular intervals of smaller goals with their own timelines, making sure that they contribute to your main one along the way. By starting with a smaller, more manageable, set of goals, that final objective will hopefully not seem so unattainable. Plus the regular milestones that you will achieve will help to keep you on track.


Incremental, steady progress can be much longer lasting and much more satisfying, but keeping motivated can still be a challenge for everyone at certain times and we all need a little help to stay focused. Here are some tips that may help you keep your eyes on the prize:

1. Try to enjoy the process – nothing will scupper your plans more quickly than the boredom of trying to reach them over a long period.
2. Concentrate on the immediate goal in front of you – if you have broken your end goal down into smaller milestones, then focus on each one at a time.
3. Track your results – make sure you celebrate those milestones when you reach them, even if it’s only with something small, reward yourself.
4. Create a motivational vision board – whether it is a collage of images that inspire you or a quote that you find encouraging, surround yourself with positivity and make sure you have easy access to it when you may feel like giving up.
5. Have a clear reason for pursuing your goal – the ‘what’ that you want to achieve will only happen if you have a good ‘why’.

These tips and strategies can be applied to pretty much any ambition you may have, from moving up the career ladder to losing weight. Perseverance is the real key, so keep going and let us know what you want to achieve in 2015!

by Alexandra Langston