Evry Iliaki

Evry attended top UK universities and researched counseling psychology and women’s studies for more than 6 years. She has concentrated particularly on Business and Life Coaching and has extensive experience with counseling. Over the past 15 years, as the Head and Founder of School KOSMOS, she helped all ages set Academic goals and was awarded with the Certificate of Recognition by The Hellenic American Union, which is part of the Examination Center for the English Language Institute of the University of Michigan. She was also awarded the Certificate of Recognition by the PTE General Recognized Preparation School based in the UK.

Her Business and life coaching is based on the Ancient Greek Socratic Method that was also used in the Olympic Games and was inspired by a woman. Her Health coaching is based on the “Hippocrates Balance”. It is an amazing method that is using positive and motivational psychology to help people set and achieve their dream goals and create a healthy balanced lifestyle

Evry has a noteworthy work experience since 2002 in three areas: Teaching, Business, Career and Life coaching. After doing her MA degree she specialized in a New Opportunities for Women course, sponsored by the European Union and later on worked for a Charity Foundation for many years.
She was a guest speaker on a number of television programs dealing with issues of Life Coaching. She also held a series of seminars entitled: “A New Holistic Way to Achieve Physical and Mental Balance in Your Life”, and wrote various articles on Personal Development Techniques.

Evry is very passionate about developing opportunities for all genders and is looking to make a difference, while having a positive influence on their lives.